Product Life-cycle

01Protection monitoring positioning

Why do we do this? Nowadays the maintenance of the equipment takes place according to the planned schedule of repairs, regardless of the current state. The equipment can be fully functional, but the user must conduct his maintenance according to the schedule. It causes money and time expenses, which leads to an increase in the cost of maintaining equipment (the costs of visits to facilities, maintenance works, and the withdrawal of equipment).
Our system will allow you to monitor the current state of the equipment, monitor all failures and malfunctions, plan and optimize only the necessary maintenance works (based on the state of the equipment). It will reduce the cost of maintaining the equipment.

When an accident occurs, the user spends time on collecting information, manual processing and analysis of the accident (manually recording the alarm records, event logs and hardware configuration files) in order to assess the severity of the consequences of the accident and make a decision to turn the equipment back on. At this time, the equipment on which the accident has occurred does not work be-cause of the system downtime.

Our system will automate the collection, processing and analysis of information about the accident, which will speed up the process of assessing the state of equipment and will allow the user to make a speed decision on commissioning equipment to restore power to consumers.
What are the pos-sible solutions? We create an autonomous System for collection, processing and analysis of infor-mation on the state of equipment (switches, relay protection and automation de-vices) at power facilities. It allows you to remotely monitor the state of the equip-ment, promptly respond to the occurring events of malfunctions and accidents, op-timize planned repairs and maintenance of equipment in accordance with the cur-rent state.

To improve the quality and efficiency of the user's activity, we create an automatic accident analysis tool.

After the analysis, we give an assessment of the correctness of the equipment ac-tions in an emergency situation, which speeds up the users’ decision on commis-sioning the equipment.

02Main monitoring and diagnostic functions

What tasks does our system solve? At the power facility where the relay protection devices operate:
1) Internal device self-diagnosis alarm
2) Detection of device measuring circuits malfunctions
3) Monitoring of relay protection and automation settings changes and the switch-es position, which changes can lead to the false alarm failure
4) Evaluation of relay protection and automation devices correct operation in relay protection and automation service
5) Notification of relay protection and automation malfunction
6) Automatic generation of reporting forms based on the detected malfunctioning results
7) Automatic generation of express protocols for emergency shutdowns
8) Evaluation of the correct operation and start-up of Relay Protection and Auto-matic Equipment by analyzing the sensitivity of individual stages and Relay Protection and Automatic Equipment operation selectivity using the power sys-tem mathematical model
9) Forming an application for maintenance and optimizing the schedule of planned maintenance.

03Solution components

# Components
1 Monitoring and control of relay protection devices technical condition is a permanent or periodic assessment of the health and operational status of relay protection and automation functional com-ponents in normal modes and in the mode of emergency violations occurrence at the power facility.

The evaluation is based on the results of the processing of the detected discrete and analog signals associated with relay protection and automation device operation.
2 Control of changes in the configuration of relay protection and automation devices and the posi-tions of the relay protection and automation switching devices is a periodic monitoring of the con-figuration file version modification and the operating parameters with checking relay protection and automation device firmware version, permanent or periodic monitoring of relay devices position.
The evaluation is based on the results of the comparison of the relay protection and automation de-vice working configuration file with the reference approved parameterization task, and the compari-son of the operating position of the relay protection and automation switching devices with the specified reference positions for the circuit-mode situation.
3 The analysis and technical recording of relay protection and automation devices operation is an au-tomatic express analysis of the operation and evaluation of relay protection and automation devices actions and functions implemented in their composition for detecting errors in operation process.
The estimation is made on the basis of GOST R 56865-2016 for each case based on the results of comparison of relay protection and automation devices registered start and trip signals and trigger-ing requirements under the conditions and regime in question.
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