01Fault location and fault event express analysis

First step – automatic analysis of starting and tripping signals from protection devices. Second step – Report with Correct or Incorrect markers and some details section.

02Advanced fault event and protection operation analysis

• Analysis and evaluation of the correct actions of protection devices based on the results of comparison of the registered signals between neighbor devices.
• Analysis of relay stages tripping based on mathematical modeling and rules for current fault event

03Protection engineer’s knowledge library

How do think, is it good idea to develop specific Facebook for protection engineers? Personalize but professional. Central database to store manufacturer specific control parameters, substation-related information, operational data.

04Protection maintenance management system and Relay's protection state indexes calculations

Automation of protection devices maintenance planning. Optimization of volumes and periods of maintenance based on the malfunctions monitoring results.

05Protection relay malfunction monitoring

• Control of internal self-diagnostics discrete signals
• Control of spontaneous reboots of the microprocessor devices
• Health monitoring of current, voltage measuring circuits by comparison of the measured analog signals between multiple devices of the same cubicle
• Health monitoring of operational DC circuits by state of operating current system discrete signals.
• Control of data exchange with SCADA

06Relay's setting control system

Periodical settings and firmware version checking, automatic comparing of the current device configuration file with the reference approved configuration file stored in settings management system

07Relay, Fault Recorder, Fault locator data acquisition

All operational protection devices data in one place, in time and you can get access in some easy steps.

08Configuration files Import /export to settings management system

• You can Import Relay’s configuration files in manufacturer formats to the safe place – centralized settings management system and then update data on network models used for analytical calcula-tions. All settings are stored in a manufacturer-independent format.
• You can trace settings changes and control states of settings lifecycle
• You can control execution of task for relay settings update
• You can calculate settings and export new settings file

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