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Advanced Protection Suite
The set of integrated software modules automating Relay Protection Department activities for Power Utilities of all types
Intellectual information management system for energy management of distributed energy resources
Relay monitoring system
Relay protection monitoring, diagnostic and operation assessment system
Automated system for monitoring and analysis of functioning of relay protection devices

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AMIGO intelligent information management systems (Advanced Modelling & Intelligent Grid Optimization) are used to provide coordinated management of distributed energy resources (microgeneration, including RES, storage systems, consumer engineering systems) in conditions of autonomous, partly connected and parallel operation with power grid.

Relay protection  monitoring, diagnostics and evaluation of relay protection is a solution for automating the work processes of RPC protection and management engineers maintenance of electric power, oil and gas and industrial enterprises.

for generation, transmission, distribution and industrial systems as well as distributed generation and renewables

Advanced Protection Suite provides a comprehensive set of integrated software modules automating Relay Protection Department activities – from Calculations to Risk-based maintenance – for Power Utilities of all types. The Suite reduces number of power outages and blackouts through early proactive diagnostic of hidden failures in protection devices and systems.

PowerFactory is a leading power system analysis software application designed to analyze generating, transmitting, distribution, and industrial systems.

The set of services to ensure reliability, high performance and safety of power systems, taking into account the individual needs of our customers and partners:

  • calculation of electric modes in a given system for any end-user applications
  • creating digital models and a digital twin for the enterprise
  • comprehensive reliability analysis of the enterprise power supply
  • technical consulting and expert analysis of technical solutions, development of concepts and technical requirements
  • software implementation, localization and technical support
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