01Fault calculations

A well-designed system should therefore isolate the short-circuit safely with minimal equipment damage and system interruption.
The short-circuit calculation in Protection Suite is able to simulate single faults as well as multiple faults of almost unlimited complexity. As short-circuit calculations can be used for a variety of purposes, Protection Suite supports:
• Short-circuit with pre-fault load-flow and ANSI/IEEE, IEC/VDE calculation methods
• Unlimited fault types
• Batch calculations

02Protection and automation modeling

Protection suite allows the user to define a protection scheme by integrating protective devices into the network model and get digital twin of primary and secondary equipment for calculations and analysis.

03Comprehensive relay library with relay models suitable for steady-state, RMS, EMT calculations and configuration management system

Comprehensive library of digital twin Relay models for many manufactures allows you to analyze protection coordination and investigate of relay misoperation and corrective action.

Centralize protection settings database for managing protective device settings including specific of each manufacturer.

04Protection engineer’s knowledge library

How do think, is it good idea to develop specific Facebook for protection engineers? Personalize but profes-sional. Central database to store manufacturer specific control parameters, substation-related information, operational data.

05Protections ettings calculations from DC to high voltage

Overhead line and Substation protection calculations for 110 kV and higher network (distance protection, TOC, IOC, Earth fault, Negative OC protection)

Conducting 1000`s of calculations for all predefined conditions on protection coordination, adjustment and sensitivity check. Start from selecting relay and get Settings at the next step.

35-6 kV network protection calculations

• Automated settings calculations and verifications for 6-35 kV protection equipment for transformers, lines, electric motors, buses
• Automatic zone and protected primary equipment determination
• Checking of the switching capacity and cables

Generator protection calculations

Easy-to-use electrical equipment fit and automatic protection coordination functionality for complicated generator protection devices with many specific functions

DC auxiliary supply system calculations

• Automated calculations and verifications of breaker/Fuse parameters, equipment parameters
• Work will be done automatically and in accordance with the guidelines: calculation conditions, fault places, fault types, including arc influence, heat influence on conductors resistance and feed from electric motors
• Comprehensive Breaker/Fuse/cables, bus bars, battery library

0.4 auxiliary supply system calculations

06Auto-identification of critical protection settings and miscoordination predictions

• Step-by-step simulation of the faults events
• Easy to use dashboard – if you see red go deeper
• Detailed information about every relays stage on every step of simulation process

07COMTRADE based protection misoperation analysis

Base instrument for faults event investigation with some advanced tools

08Minimal generation unit’s analysis based on protection coordination restrictions

Automatic Protection selectivity and miscoordination check for 10000`s of calculations for all N-1, N-2 and specific contingency for grid, power stations etc.

10Configuration files Import /export to settings management system

• You can Import Relay’s configuration files in manufacturer formats to the safe place – centralized settings management system and then update data on network models used for analytical calcula-tions. All settings are stored in a manufacturer-independent format.
• You can trace settings changes and control states of settings lifecycle
• You can control execution of task for relay settings update
• You can calculate settings and export new settings file

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