Relay protection monitoring, diagnostic and operation assessment system

About system

Relay protection device (IED) monitoring, diagnostic and operation assessment system is an RTSoft complete solution for automation workflow of protection engineers service the relay device in electrical energy companies, oil&gas and industry
Remote monitoring and health diagnostic in real-time
  • Timely detection and warning about malfunctions and early proactive diagnostic of hidden device failures.
  • Automatic verification and checking IED settings vs reference.
  • Step for condition based maintenance.
Fault event analysis in LV & HV electrical grid and assessment of correct protection operations
  • Automatic data collections from IEDs & SCADA
  • Notification about fault trip and protection operations
  • Fault events in electrical grid analysis based on real signals and other data acquired (fault records, evens log)
  • Automated report generation with results
Information and data exchange about relay devices state and fault events analysis between the transmission & distribution control center, power generation companies and grid operator


reduce cases of incorrect protection operation and increase of the reliability in electrical grid by establishing a timely detecting IED malfunctions and problems.
reducing time spent for analysis fault events data and making objective decisions in protection operations assessment.
reduced number of shutdowns in electrical grid caused by malfunction and misoperation of relay protection.
maintenance by IED actual condition lead to optimization operating costs for excess work performed by the preventive maintenance.

System function

Automatic data collection from IEDs & SCADA
Centralized aggregation and storage data, files and results of analysis
Remote monitoring and diagnostic for detecting IED malfunction events, problems and defects in real-time
Periodic checks and comparisons of actual relay settings vs reference settings
Continuous monitoring and match checks of the actual positions of control switches in panel vs reference positions
Automatic analysis fault events in electrical grid data (fault records, IED configurations, measurements by data protocols – IEC60870-104 and IEC61850-8.1, registration CB’s position, protection operations: start, trip, blocking and acceleration)
Automatic time synchronization of fault records (waveforms)
Detection faulted power equipment (station bay), phases and distance to fault on OHL
Assessment of correct or incorrect operations protection functions regarding according to the conditions of starting and tripping
Notification and reporting