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/ AMIGO for Industrial facilities

AMIGO for Industrial facilities


Industrial plant manufacturing vehicle accumulators with: 

  • Load that is involved in technological process and can not be controlled
  • Flexible load (e. g. HVAC)
  • Gas turbine or diesel genset
  • Renewable energy sources such as wind turbines or PV panels
  • Energy storage system


  • High electricity costs
  • Electricity supply system overloads
  • Power Quality (Voltage drops)


Implementation of AMIGO EMS (Energy management system) for management of power supply in the battery manufacturing plant

AMIGO EMS features:

  • Forecasting load profile and power prices AMIGO takes into account a lot of internal and external factors including electricity price, gas price, temperature, insolation and load profile. All these factors are in a state of constant fluctuations, so adaptiveness and intelligent forecast system are required to provide optimal control throughout the day. 

  • Controlling charger sections (70% of total consumption). The most part of economy comes from flexible load management: every accumulator produced has to be fully charged before selling. These load peaks can be shifted from “most expensive hours” to the cheaper ones in accordance with charging strategy produced by AMIGO EMS 

  • 200 kWh energy storage system, rooftop PV 

AMIGO EMS implementation ensures proactive control, which includes:

  • Peak Shaving using energy storage system 
  • Load shifting using flexible loads 
  • Demand Response 


Decreased unit production cost

Secured and optimized power supply: compensating voltage sags and swells, decreased outages

Automatic fault analysis and multi-user alarm

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