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/ Relay protection monitoring, diagnostic and operation assessment system

Relay protection monitoring, diagnostic and operation assessment system


Transmission grid company TSO with the following characteristics: 

  • 146 000 km of high-voltage transmission lines
  • 958 substations 220-750 kV
  • 265 000 IEDs (relay protection device) installed

Project goals

  • Providing remote monitoring and health diagnostic of relay protection & control devices for timely detection of malfunctions and notification about problems. 
  • Maintenance RPC by their actual condition and reducing operating costs for excess work performed by the preventive maintenance. 
  • Reducing the time of fault event analysis in electrical networks and identifying misoperation and settings errors in RPC operation.


  • Misoperation and failures of RPC due to undetected errors in the configuration, external and internal device malfunctions.  
  • Identification the causes of RPC misoperation is possible mostly within the planned maintenance.
  • Increasing operating costs for maintenance because of increased total number and variety of IEDs.
  • Relay operation analysis and assessment based on manual analysis a lot of emergency information (measurements, oscillograms, logs file).
  • Reduced reliability of power supply due to unplanned withdrawal of equipment for repair and maintenance.


  • Automatic data collection from IEDs & SCADA (IEC 104, IEC 61850, SMB) for remote monitoring. 
  • Continuous monitoring and supervision technical conditions and in time detecting, relay protections problems and defects. 
  • Regular checking change of relay settings and configuration and changed control switches position. 
  • Fault event analysis in electrical grid: data collection, processing, detecting faulted power equipment, distance (for OHL) and phases, assessment of correct relay protection operations. 
  • Assessment of correct or incorrect operations protection functions regarding faulted equipment: 
    • Using internal software algorithms for analysis operation main and backup protections 
    • Using results operations relay models when simulated fault in power grid model and comparison with factual operation. 
  • Notification and reporting. 
  • Automatic information interaction regarding data exchange on fault events analisys between TSO (owner) and power grid operator. 

Project effects

Transition to Condition Based Maintenance of relay protection IEDs.

Reduced number of misoperation of RPC due to the detection of malfunctions at early stage.

Reduced number of shutdowns of the main equipment caused by misoperation of RPC.

Success stories