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/ Comprehensive reliability analysis of the enterprise power supply

Comprehensive reliability analysis of the enterprise power supply


  • Pumping stations with internal network 220(110)-10 kV 
  • 4 electrical motors in each PS

Project goals

To provide pumping stations (PS) with the Integrated analysis of PS power supply comprehensive reliability


  • Calculation of duration and amount (depth) of voltage dips or rises in case of short circuits in the external network, as well as across 10 kV and 0.4 kV switchgear buses, and their influence on uninterruptible and stable power supply of category 1 consumers 
  • Analysis of components and operating principles of relay protection and automation devices
  • Calculation of capacitance earth fault currents
  • Operational analysis of relay protection and automation devices for current setting parameters along the segment of the PS supply network
  • Operational analysis of the internal power supply equipment, location of bottlenecks and development of recommendation on their elimination
  • Identification and detection of network and regime situations which cause unstable power supply of consumers or their disconnection as a result of protection actuation
  • Calculation of dynamic stability of 1st category motor load


Instructing on engineering and management activities aimed at avoiding ferroresonant effect in transient and emergency conditions of the 10 kV electrical power network

Determination of conditions for successful group self-start of electric motors installed on PS


The completed analysis of the calculations of electrical steady-state, electromechanical transient processes, short-circuit currents allows to develop preliminary recommendations aimed at improving the PS power supply dependability.

For example, it is recommended to install Dynamic compensator of voltage distortion or uninterruptible power supply in the 0.4 kV power circuit of critical consumers.

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