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/ AMIGO for managing residential and industrial buildings

AMIGO for managing residential and industrial buildings


Commercial estate – office building with the following characteristics: 

  • Li-Ion accumulators (3 x 20 kWh) with embedded BMS
  • Power inverters (3 x 18 kW)
  • Flexible load – roof heating system (40 kW in total)


  • Electricity cost optimization 
  • Power quality optimization


Implementation of AMIGO EMS (Energy management system) for control of energy consumption and power management

AMIGO EMS features

Power consumption monitoring – daily/ weekly /monthly consumption structure analysis.

AMIGO EMS keeps track of power consumption of the building. In addition, there are both automatic and manual energy storages control modes. 

Advanced forecasting system

AMIGO EMS uses artificial neural network (ANN) technology to forecast load profile and peak load hours (PLH). Forecast interval varies from 15-minutes to 24 hours, accuracy – from 75% to 95%.

Consumption reduction during peak load hours

AMIGO EMS charges energy storages in advance and then tries to discharge them during every hour that have greater than 0% PLH probability

Efficiency tracking

AMIGO EMS calculates economic efficiency of optimization during the chosen period and displays it as a cumulative graph

AMIGO implementation ensures:

  • Forecasting load profile and power prices resulting in proactive control 
  • Controlling appliance load, roof ice-melting equipment, 60 kWh energy storage system 
  • Load shifting and peak shaving adjusted to utility contract 
  • Autopilot operation mode


Energy bill reduction with advanced load Time of Use adjusted to utility contract

Secured power supply: compensating voltage sags and swells, decreased outages

Automatic fault analysis and multi-user alarm

Proactive control based on load forecasting

Energy and demand cost forecasting

Li-ion electricity storage control

Building load control

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