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/ Energy system reliability improvement

Energy system reliability improvement

Software implementation, localisation and technical support / creating a digital model


Autonomous power system TSO with the following characteristics:

  • Only hydro Power Plant Energy Supply
  • Ransmission/Distribution grid - overhead lines 35 kV

Project goals

To develop a set of measures to improve energy system reliability and to determine electrical energy losses


  • Low voltage customer values due long overhead lines 35 kV
  • Stability problems of autonomous power system
  • Need for synchronization with large power system
  • High power losses levels


Powerfactory software implementation, localisation and technical support, creating a digital model

Power system software deployment and customer training

Integration with already installed Automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumption

Technical consultation and service

Different electric studies


Power System model with integrated profiles of consumers

Technical solutions of voltage supply and reducing power losses

Success stories