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/ Creating a digital model of the enterprise

Creating a digital model of the enterprise

Comprehensive reliability analysis of the enterprise power supply


  • Industrial Power Plant
  • Own generation (thermal power plant, gas-turbine thermal power plant)
  • Well-developed internal network (substations 220-10 kV)

Project goals

To develop measures for Power Factor (tgφ) being in documented range


  • Economic assessment of increasing coefficients application 
  • Inconsistency of the regulatory and technical base in the formation of tariffs and fines


Technical consulting and expert analysis of technical solutions, development of concepts and technical requirements

Quasi-dynamic Power Factor (tgφ) assessment using simulation model

Increasing coefficients forecasting in quasi-dynamic way


Special measures for Power Factor (tgφ) bringing into an acceptable (documented) range development and simulation in quasi-dynamic way

Economic efficiency comparison for the enterprise costs reduction

Success stories